TPB AKF (The Pirate Bay Away from Keyboard)


看到他们的机房,服务器摆设,闪动的开机画面。– 兴奋吗?

General speaking, for storage u use byte and when u measure speed u use bit. — 我也是这样强迫周围的人。

When did u meet IRL (In Real Life) ? We don’t use the expression IRL. We say AFK (Away from Keyboard). We think that Internet is for real. — 曾几何时,我也是这样认为的。这个也是影片的名字来源。

影片中为他们做证人的教授说了一句话:I support copyright, only if it encourages creativity or economic incitement or is an incentive to create. Not the way copyright as a huge control mechanism for people sit on large swathes of rights.

你会看到一个天才在默写 Pi ,一直写到了小数点后的好几十位。这个天才用的是 ubuntu 。

It’s a pleasure to announce that the Pirate Bay is back online!! In your face, Hollywood !!

三人中的 Fredrik 喝了两杯后就醉,说起酒话来好可爱,你会发现他们就像一帮无害的大小孩。


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